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About AMi - AquaMedia Inc.

The popular question we step up to answer is ‘what makes AMi products different? What set’s us apart from all the ‘others’?

The answer is ‘we don’t pretend to be natural and organic. We are truly natural and organic … and we are prepared to demonstrate that fact’. Our products have no odor, no chemicals, no dies nor detergents, no ammonia, no surfactants nor phosphates.

Therefore – there are no lingering airborne chemicals after spraying it and there is nothing left behind on cleaned surfaces waiting to be chemically transferred to hands, feet or paws. How confident are we that our products are safe?

We are prepared to spray them into our mouth, into our face and eyes, and onto our skin. We would never do this with any other cleaning product of any description at any time.

At AMi, we believe that good cleaners should be safe for the whole family to use as ‘clean with a conscience™’. AMi products are made in Nova Scotia where we are proud to promote ‘Made in Canada‘ on our labels. However, there is absolutely nothing stopping us from taking our manufacturing processes to Ontario or Alberta to serve central or western Canada respectively. 

We believe there is a growing trend towards chemical conscious Canadians particularly in our youth where they recognize that health issues associated with inappropriate handling of chemical laden products such as household cleaners, past and present.

Our products are even more attractive to all those with environmental sensitivities, those who are respiratory challenged, anyone with severe allergies or those who are environmentally conscious. Further, AMi products are attractive to the full breadth of our contemporary Canadian cultural mosaic.

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You can find AMi - AquaMedia Inc. at 1-16 Pine Grove Road, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

Barry S. Munro, C.D., P.Eng.

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