AMi Background

Through a unique and proprietary process, we use select scallop shells from the robust Nova Scotia fishing industry (what would otherwise be ‘sea trash’) to prepare a new medium which we coined and trademarked as ‘AquaMedia™’.  The shells are natural and organic and as the manufacturing process does not use chemicals, we are able to maintain that claim.  AquaMedia is then cleverly used as a medium in other applications.

For our series of cleaning products, we designed a unique system that uses AquaMedia as a filtration medium.  Starting with pure water, we filter water through AquaMedia and then cycle it through another proprietary process that involves additives where we control our output formulation (principally calcium and pH) such that we have are able to prepare a series of cleaning products, specifically: AquaClean, Chrome Care, Aqua Visor, Screen Care and Fireplace Glass Cleaner.

That process for our cleaners maintains the natural and organic claim inasmuch as the process involves less that 0.3% additives which is well below than the 0.5% benchmark to be claimed by Industry Canada standards. When AMI products are chemically analyzed in detail by an independent certified testing agency (AGAT Laborites, Dartmouth, NS), there are no chemicals of any description found in our products.  Therefore, if accidentally ingested, sprayed into eyes or on skin, AMI products do not pose a health hazard. By extension, they are environmentally friendly.

AMI products are safe for the whole family to use as ‘clean with a conscience’.

While using scallop shells for various purposes is not new on an international sense, it is new on a national perspective.  Furthermore, the processes we have invented are revolutionary and are new both nationally and internationally. Our processes will be carefully guarded as trade secrets. Because it cannot otherwise be replicated or reverse engineered, AMI will never have a competitor producing anything similar to our products unless we choose to become our own competitor through private labeling.

AMI products are now made in Nova Scotia where we are proud to promote ‘Made in Canada’ on our labels. There is, however, absolutely nothing stopping us from taking our manufacturing processes to Ontario or Alberta to serve central or western Canada regions respectively. 

In view of our Intellectual Property program, AMI has trademarked:

AquaMedia (approved)
AquaMedia Inc. logo (approved)
AquaClean (application in process)
Chrome Care (approved)
AquaVisor (application in process)
Screen Care (application in process)
Clean With A Conscience (approved)

Our bar codes are registered with Global Systems 1.

At AMI, we believe there is a growing trend towards chemical conscious Canadians particularly in our youth where they recognize that health issues caused in part by inappropriate handling of chemically laden products such as those found household cleaners. Our products are even more attractive to all those with environmental sensitivities, folks who are respiratory challenged, people with allergies and anyone who is environmentally conscious.

Further, AMI products are attractive to the full breadth of our contemporary Canadian cultural mosaic. That said, we are confident that our market appeal will increase in time as society becomes better educated and more aware of chemicals and by consequence, very discrete in the selection of their cleaning products, domestically, commercially or industrially speaking.

Research & Development

We believe there are more applications for our product in which case we will change the formulation, name and presentation (bottle & label) for that new market or due consideration, a private label for that matter.  Case in point, we are working on a product for stainless steel appliances and another for cleaning eye glasses and sun glasses wherein we are working with Bedford Eye Care.

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